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Beginners Guide – How to Start your Online Gambling

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Beginners Guide - How to Start your Online Gambling

As gambling being the top game where many players earn money easily by just placing their bets, it is now more widely spread by taking it online. The online gambling has attracted all the land-based casino players as well as others that are planning to try their luck with this kind of game. The Beginners Guide – How to Start your Online Gambling hopes to give you some pointers before you decide to continue your online gambling journey.

Beginners Guide – How to Start your Online Gambling

Many aspiring online gambling players have yet to know all the things about online gambling. That is why I am here to give you the Beginners Guide – How to Start your Online Gambling which will surely give you some basic knowledge to what will be useful to you.

The Best Online Casino that Fits You

There are many online casino websites out there but that doesn’t mean that all of them offers all that you want. You should pick which casino gives you what you are looking for, for example, you are into Blackjack, Baccarat or the likes then choose a site that offers them with the lowest house edge and with plenty of rewards and bonuses. I suggest that do not go into websites that has less offers such as rewards especially if it is the game that you are interested in.

Make sure that the site also offers your desired deposit options and your preferred currency. Watch out also on their on their minimum and maximum deposits. If it suits your budget as well as the online casino’s stakes if it is within your afford budget. Also, keep in mind that you cannot play the game software it is not compatible with your device so try double checking first.

Be Safe and Secure When Betting Online

This is one of the most important things to consider when betting online. You need to make sure that the casino you are joining is with good reputation and licensed. As for the online casinos and gambling in the Philippines it is licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). Online casinos being regulated by PAGCOR are guaranteed safe and secure. Check whether the website has SSL encryption which assures your online transactions online are encrypted and secure.

Start Playing

Even if I mentioned here to start playing that does not mean to jump on and place your bets. There will be demos on your first sing up and it will helpful for you to try the free games first. If you are ready choose what game is within you best interest and learn the basic strategies and the rules that will be useful in your games. I would recommend to start your game with some of the games that are easier to play such as the Roulette.


The Beginners Guide – How to Start your Online Gambling article is about what will you be doing when starting your online casino games. Many are stated like choosing which gambling site will best fit you and what games are more advantageous to you. In addition, a player should also know when to take a break and most importantly avoid being greedy since in some cases this will usually will bring a player to bankruptcy. Online games therefore are fun and exciting and so you will have to be responsible for your own good be wise in your decisions.

Important Tips on How to Properly Handle your Online Casino Bankroll

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Important Tips on How to Properly Handle your Online Casino Bankroll

In gambling one’s main objective is to win, same with online casinos. When you play in any game you have to make sure that you always earn money and not losing any that is the number one thing to keep in mind in managing your money. The Important Tips on How to Properly Handle your Online Casino Bankroll will also help you in making wise decisions.

Important Tips on How to Properly Handle your Online Casino Bankroll

If you intended to be a successful gambler, you have to know and follow the Important Tips on How to Properly Handle your Online Casino Bankroll. The winners will always know how to manage their money properly along with which game are they going to play.

Managing your Money is Important

Properly handling your money will help you to keep in mind whether you have been making profit and not just spending your bankroll to nothing. There are many informational guides online and in books which also helped many players in their gambling journey. And by practicing them many inexperienced gamblers even veterans also seek others opinions about handling their bankroll. Because proper money handling is the key for a player to become successful in the gambling world.

What to Avoid

If you are a gambling enthusiast and do not have yet the experience in your online casino games, then avoid placing high bets. Even if you want to win big, many inexperienced players have more the possibility of losing than winning. It is okay to lose first in your games since you are still developing your skills and even the experienced players lose sometimes. Losing will definitely give you ideas on what will be the wiser decision in your succeeding games. With a loss streak you will have to accept this and walk away for now then come back after composing yourself and not to still continue playing after your loses because you will definitely go bankrupt.

Choose Games with Low House Edge

Choosing the right games will also help you in managing your money properly. This will make your bankroll to last long and will let you play longer. Because playing with games that offer low house edge also means that you are taking advantage of the house and the game. Among the games that has the lowest house edge will be the Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and Roulette. They are not just games that offer lows house edge they are also the games which will sure you will enjoy.

Separate Your Money from What You Need

You should only bet the money that you can afford to lose and never use your money that you needed. Learn to separate your bankroll for leisure only and money for what you need. With doing this, even if you lose in your games you are reassured that you will have your budget on the things that you needed.


I hope these Important Tips on How to Properly Handle your Online Casino Bankroll will be a great help top anyone that will be going to join the online gambling and casinos.

The Best Games in Online Casino with the Lowest House Edge

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The Best Games in Online Casino with the Lowest House Edge

When you play in an online casino website, you have the objective to only earn money and not to lose. With knowing The Best Games in Online Casino with the Lowest House Edge, you will have higher chance of winning. However, games that has the higher house edge is a disadvantage to you.

The Best Games in Online Casino with the Lowest House Edge

House edge is needed by every casinos because it is an advantage to them, it is their percentage since they are a business company of course they will need their share so not to go bankrupt. In short, the lower house edge the player has the upper hand but when the house edge is high, the casino will earn more. That is why I suggest to play The Best Games in Online Casino with the Lowest House Edge.

Games with the Lowest House Edge

  • Blackjack – The most favorite casino game of all time will be the Blackjack and with some casinos offering 1.5%, 0.5% and the lowest will be 0.28% house edge. This is the most played also because of its low house edge and very exciting to play. Many players are learning the card counting or any other strategies just to play Blackjack which is known to have the player’s advantage because of its low house edge and will expect to win more.
  • Baccarat – The game Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games because aside from many side bets it is also one that offers low house edge. Starting from 1.5% to 1.06 house edge which is nearly the same house edge with Blackjack and depending on the online casino that you will be playing. Also, it depend on rules of any certain casino so make sure to know each casino’s rule before jumping on your bets.
  • Poker – Also w well-known casino games where a player is competing with the other player. With the house edge from 1.5% to 0.44% also depending on the casino you are playing. If you are skilled enough to beat the other players then this must be a good game for you. However, many players are very skilled in this game, so you need the basic strategy and experience here to have the chance in winning.
  •  Roulette – One of the game of luck that has 2.5% when played on the single zero wheel but with 5.26% housed edge when played on double zero house edge. Thus, you can have higher player edge if you played on the single wheel because this gives lower house edge than the double wheel.

Why is it Wise to Play Games with Higher Player Edge?

By choosing to play The Best Games in Online Casino with the Lowest House Edge you are also playing to gain advantage from the casino. Because the house edge defines how the online casino has the upper hand on you which means, the lower house edge the more pay out you can get.


Even if as they say “the house always wins” but if you will choose to play The Best Games in Online Casino with the Lowest House Edge you will be able to beat at least take advantage of the house.

The 5 Primary Benefits of Joining the Online Gambling Sites

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The 5 Primary Benefits of Joining the Online Gambling Sites

With today’s generation where lots of people prefer to earn money easily just by playing gambling games either it will be online or in the neighborhood, online gambling is the top pick. There are many games you can choose from and we will discuss below The 5 Primary Benefits of Joining the Online Gambling Sites.

The 5 Primary Benefits of Joining the Online Gambling Sites

By knowing The 5 Primary Benefits of Joining the Online Gambling Sites you will surely be more interested to sign up online and start your journey here. Let us take a look of what will be the benefits of the online gambling sites and what you will need to look forward.

List of Benefits to Look Forward:

  1. Easy Money

Gambling has been one of the most favorite recreation or past time for most people to relieve their stress and just have fun, while others also treat this as their main source of income. I called it easy money because you can earn cash while being entertained here. The thrilling games that you experience will make you enjoy your every play and if you are lucky enough on betting, that is the easy money.

2. Convenience

You can play for what is convenient to you, anywhere and anytime you want. As long as you have your gadget on you, whether your phone, tablet or you desktop that is connected to the internet. Unlike on land-based casino where you have to spend transportation cost so just you can play. This is one of the advantage of online games where you ca just log in on a website and you can all do what you want there.

3. You can Choose Your Game

The online gambling sites offers many different kinds of games, starting from the online casinos, slot machines, online e-games and the live sports betting games. There are so many options for you to choose from depending on what will be your luckiest game which will let you win more cash.

4. Bonuses

Almost all online gambling games offers bonuses upon joining their site. You will have to grab this opportunity and take advantage to your reward in joining. You will also be expecting many bonuses in the future. Just play regularly and you will be rewarded in time. This is one of the things that the land-based casino do not always offer to their clients.

5. Security and Easy Banking

With signing up to a licensed online gambling site you will sure to be secured. Your personal information will not be exposed as well as other data such as bank account details or passwords will be encrypted. Speaking of banking, whether it will be online or your transactions will be on the bank, you will just spend few minutes with your deposits and withdrawals.


These articleThe 5 Primary Benefits of Joining the Online Gambling Sites gives more ideas to any gambler of aspiring gambling players to what will the online gambling has to offer.

Sic Bo Facts and Some Guides to Win Lots of Money

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Sic Bo Facts and Some Guides to Win Lots of Money

Sicbo dice gambling game has become one of the endless types of casino games for enthusiasts. Even every day, many players join online casino sites; this is because the sic bo dice gambling game can provide more significant profits. Sic Bo Facts and Some Guides to Win Lots of Money will then help you a in your gambling journey.

Sic Bo Facts and Some Guides to Win Lots of Money

Playing sicbo is very easy, and you need to understand that all players in the sic bo game have the same rights and opportunities to win. Just waiting for luck on your side or not. The purpose of this sicbo game is to look for and target the many prizes contained in the online casino site. So, if you want a victory that is certainly easy for you to achieve, it is better if you play by this Sic Bo Facts and Some Guides to Win Lots of Money.

Tips and Tricks to Win Sicbo

As for how to win the sic bo dice gambling itself, it’s not complicated, all that’s left is to guess the three dice numbers that are used as play tools. If indeed your guess is out, then you are entitled to get the full victory money.

1. Never Place Bets on the Same Number

In the sic bo dice gambling game, surely luck is not always on your side so sometimes you will experience continuous defeat. Thus, the solution is to stop playing for a while and rest for a moment to make your mind more relaxed so that you can make predictions more precisely. If you don’t want to stop, it’s better to replace the bet with other casino games, like Baccarat, Roulette, Slots, and others. Surely this can change your bad luck while playing the game.

2. Determine The Dice You Want To Play

It is prudent and precise that you must determine the dice before playing online sic bo games. In the game, you can choose the dice that you want to play. There are two types of dice in this regard. Some bets use two dice and also three dice. If you’re going to play it safe, play two dice numbers.

To be sure, by choosing to play using two dice, then the chance to win feels comfortable for you. Because in 2 dice you only select numbers ranging from numbers 2 to 12 only. Of course, this choice should be implemented correctly every time you play gambling dice sic bo.

3. Place Large or Small Bets

BIG or SMALL bets are one of the changes found in the sic bo dice gambling game. In this bet, the player only guesses whether the chance will come out on BIG or SMALL numbers.

As we know, when you choose SMALL, and it turns out that the dice that comes out is under 10, then you are declared victorious. Moreover, if you bet on BIG, then the number of dice that comes out must exceed 10, so you can be declared victorious.

For bets of this type, your winnings will be paid according to your chances, for example: when you place 50, and you win, then you will be paid for the bet you set, which is 50.

4. Avoid Triple Bet Types

The longest betting bet is a triple bet, where you must bet on the same number on each dice after rolling. You will get a payout ratio of 180 for every one you bet, which sounds fantastic and will be great if you are lucky.

However, there is an excellent reason why huge payments for bets are rare. That is why even experienced players will usually avoid this kind of chance, because in many cases, betting money placed for this type will be wasted. You can use it as an additional bet but try not to use it as the main bet.


This article Sic Bo Facts and Some Guides to Win Lots of Money give you the important pointers to keep in mind when playing the game to gain more chances in winning.

Sports Betting Tips – All You Need to Know about It

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Sports Betting Tips – All You Need to Know about It

There are many ways you can do to win a gambling game, including online sportsbook betting and these are the Sports Betting Tips – All You Need to Know about It. This online gambling game is indeed famous for people who are bored with the same gambling games. To be able to win a sportsbook, gambling is practically effortless and secure because the stakes are sports matches. As we know, of course, it is not an easy matter to be able to guess the outcome of a sports match that takes place live.

Sports Betting Tips – All You Need to Know about It

So here the players can be free to choose which bets to play on, even though the most preferred is, of course, soccer gambling. What should be a concern here is that for each of the available sports betting options, there certainly has a different way of playing. In addition, some games tend to be easily won, and there are also opportunities to win the stakes are not too large. So smart players in determining which sports bets to choose will also play an important role. Just continue reading our Sports Betting Tips – All You Need to Know about It.

Advantages of Sportsbook Betting

Even so, it did not dampen people’s interest to play this game. Indeed the sportsbook game also offers several advantages. One of the benefits is that there are many choices of sports betting that can be performed. So don’t ever think if sportsbook gambling is only limited to soccer gambling, but all types of games can also enter into it like horse racing, basketball, motor racing, car racing, volleyball, boxing, rugby, and many others.

Sports Betting Tips

With these powerful tips, it is not impossible in every game that is done will end up getting positive results. For those who feel the need for these forgiveness tips, please refer to the tips below.

1. Try to Play Trial

The first powerful tips that can be done is to try to play trial first. Performing a test here is like a kind of practice, and it helps. Through this trial, it can make players increasingly understand the gambling game they play. If you know, you will achieve victory quickly.

2. Try All Games

For the second tip is to try all the games available and where you should really try to play seriously and as much as possible. If you are playing football gambling, then try playing all the markets of the Asian handicap, mix parlay, correct score and others. With you guys trying to play all the games later you’ll find out which games you can win easily. If you’ve found the right match, then you can focus on the game.

3. Learn to Read Betting Exchanges

The last tip is to learn to read the betting market, and this is one of the keys to winning sportsbook gambling. The existence of this betting exchange is beneficial for you to play, especially for those who play soccer gambling where you should be able to read the ball gambling market, the odds, etc. It’s not too challenging to be able to read this betting exchange, and you will get used to it too soon. So before deciding to place a bet, make it a habit to read the betting market first.


In Sports Betting Tips – All You Need to Know about It, we mentioned the important things you needed at live sports betting. Applying this tips to yourself guarantees higher chances in winning on your succeeding bets.

5 Important Tips of Game Knowledge in Sports Betting

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5 Important Tips of Game Knowledge in Sports Betting

If you are a football lover, we are sure that soccer betting should be familiar to you. Various matches from local and foreign leagues are present every day as an exciting spectacle. For your favorite team, of course, you don’t want to miss the most updated info from them. For those of you who like online soccer betting, there are some things you must know if you want to maximize results. The 5 Important Tips of Game Knowledge in Sports Betting can be used as a guide on how we should undergo a bet.

5 Important Tips of Game Knowledge in Sports Betting

5 Important Tips of Game Knowledge in Sports Betting
5 Important Tips of Game Knowledge in Sports Betting

For bettor in Indonesia, the thing, especially from a football agent, is security and comfort. It is the key to how long a member can play bets on the site. It’s no secret if this is the target of the providers of football betting services. What are the essential things that members must know and get? Stay tuned for reviews on the 5 Important Tips of Game Knowledge in Sports Betting.

Always Keep These in Mind

1. Type of Game

You must understand the capabilities of the soccer gambling site to the extent that it offers real games. This is because there are sites that only offer one type of play, some also offer many games (multiple sets). The need for one model and more will affect how you are more efficient in playing bets. It is recommended to choose those who have offered more than one game for convenience.

Online Soccer Gambling Agent

2. Professional Team

The best soccer agent site is only filled by professional operators too. This can be seen from how they serve the members. Including the speed in processing data and the level of satisfaction of the members served. As a bettor, surely you deserve the best service from a professional soccer agent. All of that can be given by a trusted online soccer betting site.

3. Winning Opportunities

Make sure you choose a site that offers a high chance of winning. This will prove that their system is fair and no fraud. For some members who are already crossing the world of soccer gambling, they will no longer doubt if there are ball sites with competitive odds. It means they can get the most profitable results from a soccer bet.

4. Transaction Method

There are no complicated words when you make a transaction. Together with 1Bandar soccer gambling agent, you can try various types of transactions in a new way for convenience. Take advantage of the deposit method using e-money, Linkaja, Credit and Ovo. This convenience provides excellent satisfaction considering a short processing time. So you can focus more on football betting, not dealing with problems of failed or long-standing transactions.

5. Bonuses, Commissions and Promos

We believe that by betting on a fair ball, there are still other justified ways for members to achieve profits. One of them is by giving bonuses and promos. Make sure as a member on the 1Band site. You can get all the bonus offers provided. This includes referral commissions, which can also be disbursed every week. So much more profitable than getting the funds won.


I guess all of the 5 Important Tips of Game Knowledge in Sports Betting made an impact for you. Remember all of this for a safer and high chance of winning on your bets with your favorite sports.

The Best Free Guides To Play And Win In Sic-Bo

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The Best Free Guides To Play And Win In Sic Bo

The dice gambling game or better known by its cool name, namely Sic-Bo is one of the famous and worldwide casino games. Not only can be played by certain groups, nowadays anyone of you and from any circles can play this Sic-Bo casino game. Even with the current technological advances, you can play it online from your computer or smartphone. The The Best Free Guides To Play And Win In Sic-Bo wii be discussed below.

The Best Free Guides To Play And Win In Sic-Bo

The Best Free Guides To Play And Win In Sic Bo
The Best Free Guides To Play And Win In Sic Bo

You don’t need to fly to casino houses in Macau or Las Vegas to play this game. Only by capitalising on a smartphone or computer and enough wifi or quota, you can feel the game is like when you are at the original casino.

When you choose to play this game online, you must accept and join specific casino sites. Make sure you want the right, best and trustworthy site. Try to find some information from friends or the internet about the site before you decide to play there. With also the help of this The Best Free Guides To Play And Win In Sic-Bo.

Beware of the  Websites where you are Going to Play

Right now, there are thousands and even millions of service sites that offer Sic-Bogames online. However, unfortunately, not all services or websites are sincere. Not infrequently there are cases where players who hold bets apparently don’t get the payment they should from the dealer. Isn’t that much cheating and harming the player?

None of you wants to experience a similar fate. With all the ease in playing the online Sic bo, makes the increase in members so rapid.

How to Win in Sic Bo

The factors that influence it are not only the ease of play but also because of the very diverse types of stakes and the abundant bonuses offered by each site.

After you understand how to play Sic-BoOnline dice, then we proceed about Tips on Tricks How to Win Dice Online (Sicbo) Easily.

  • The main thing is to prepare your capital first. Never try to mix up the costs of everyday life or your household. To only participate in this Dadu Online gambling. So set it aside first and separate your daily money to Play Sic-BoGambling.
  • Before the game starts, then you can see in advance how to play other Members in installing. So you can learn about the flow of the member bets and combine them with your tricks.
  • Start installing for Small Big Bets at the beginning of the game to warm up first.
  • If you are getting used to playing, then of course you already have the right Strategy in Playing Sic-BoDice. Then you only need to increase your bets slowly by slowly.
  • Do not be too easily provoked by emotions. If you experience defeat, try to be patient and make your experience in research. Similarly, if you win, never be greedy and quickly satisfied. So you can focus on playing.
  • Never fold all your bets in play to get your previous capital loss. Because it sure will only make you worse.
  • Limit yourself first (Know Your Limit). Limit your victory first. For example, you have a capital of 1 million and have managed to get a double profit. Then immediately make a withdrawal and continue tomorrow.

Our The Best Free Guides To Play And Win In Sic-Bo will surely help you in your Sic-Bo future games. This article will act as your fundamentals in playing the game until you’ll gain more experience.