How to Win in Playing King Pharaoh Slot Game

How to Win in Playing King Pharaoh Slot Game

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The Pharaoh’s Fortune slot game is a part of Game King Series of IGT’s creations which is designed perfectly well. Bringing an Ancient Egypt, this online slot game brought a glamorous life of king which is full of richness and seek for adventures. Below we will discuss How to Win in Playing King Pharaoh Slot Game.

How to win in playing King Pharaoh Slot Game

Basically, this game doesn’t provide progressive jackpot prize and many bonuses, but you still need to read How to Win in Playing King Pharaoh Slot Game to make you more ready before playing this game.

How to Have a Great Play in King Pharaoh Slot game

  • Have a Good Scheme

While you’re playing this game for the first time you need to consider how to get a good scheme.  This game features 5 reels and 15 pay line schemes. Furthermore, when it goes to super classic, you just need to take single digit number of pay line so you’ll play in slower and steady mode. Try to match your coin bet in the level of intensity to have a great bonus and rewards. So, try to play it directly.

  • Choose the Right Slots

This slots game deliver the same concept of Super Fortune Dragon from Blueprint Gaming. However, at the first match you’ll find 5 reel and 10 pay line game option. It may look very classy but it’s actually really advantageous with features available on 4 reels set spins action which can play in simulation mode. As a trick, just play in around 20p and £100 per spin on your first game.

  • Planning a Better Strategy

When it comes to the slot games, any strategies need to be planned well before it brought down to King Pharaoh Slot Game. This game is featuring 5 reel and 20 pay line slot with ancient tombs which could lead you to unlock it and winning a big prize. Thing you need to consider to win this game is only to collect red, blue, and grey keys while you’re playing this game at the 5th reel.

  • Play it Wisely

It’s also important to play this game wisely. It’s because this game is providing a new machine which designed of various reels sets and also offer various chance to win a bigger prizes. To increase your winning opportunities, just look after the special dragon symbol which is going to change into similar symbol. So you need to play it wisely and just watch those symbols that may create a potential cluster.

  • Understand the Rules

This game is really overwhelming at first and may seem confusing if you don’t understand the rules. Every symbol that available there will provide you 100, 300 or even 500 coins if you intend to land 3, 4 or 5 in combination.  However, every symbol can also land in stacked formation, so when you’re lucky, you may obtain about 5000 coin bonus come to your cash. It’s really funny if you know how to deal with it.


Hopefully, this How to Win in Playing King Pharaoh Slot Game article helped you in some ways. Supported with an amazing graphics and outstanding display, Pharaoh King will be a great online slot game you need to try. Furthermore, with many opportunities, various features, and big prize to win, there’s no excuse to reject this game.

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